I am a trainer and consultant specialising in helping people to understand how to communicate more effectively in the work place. I use my background in neuroscience and psychology to open the mind of people and demonstrate how important conversations are and how easily we can miscommunicate on a daily basis. In the modern work place communication skills need to be taught and developed due to the diversity of the employees, taking into consideration the culture, age, gender and the technology used.

While working with autistic children one-on-one, communication was vital to ensure the most effective teaching, as was caring for mentally ill patents in their own home to guarantee a safe and stimulating environment. It was then that I realised how crucial structured communication is and so started to focus on improving people’s ability to communicate. Since then I have researched the links between neuroscience and business in pursuit of coherent and confident conversations in the work place.

I have worked in a variety of industries (children safeguarding, international student support, teaching autistic children and working in the private mental health sector) and am constantly reminded of how critical everyday interactions are. My work to date, and my youth, still allows me to experience first-hand the differences of how generations communicate between themselves and the impact it has on relationships.

I have an honour degree in Psychology and Sociology from Coventry University, I was a member of a research team studying neuroscience in commination and have a diploma in Negotiations and Influencing Skills.