NEUROSCIENCE FACT: Participants within a team who had been told they were working on a problem together worked 48% longer and solved more problems correctly than a team with non-collaborative language.

Coaching is a powerful tool in supporting your ongoing organisational strategy to enable you to reach your vision.  Both 1:1 and team coaching are invaluable to improving behaviours and engagement - the Science of Communication is the cornerstone of both organisational and individual effectiveness

Why do some employees go ‘above and beyond’ for their leaders?

  •  Why do some leaders command instant respect?
  • What do they do differently?
  • How do they do it?

Specific skill focus within 1:1 coaching:

  • Embed the crucial skills of Active Listening/Questioning techniques
  • Develop the ability to really understand the other person
  • Understand how to build trust and relationships – release that oxytocin
  • Move beyond a transactional relationship and learn how to engage
  • Turn the theory into practise

At middle to senior management communication is crucial to empowering great teams, underpinning organisational effectiveness so leading to improved performance.

Specific areas covered within team coaching:

  • Understand how to communicate positively across diversity and find the leverage to unite the team rather than polarise
  • Communicate up and down your organisational structure
  • Improve internal alignment
  • Clear and structured messages – no ambiguity

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