We are specialists in training and coaching in the science of conversation and communication.  Our neuroscience based approach aims to help you understand how and why people think, make decisions and behave – behavioural insights.

Drawing on current thinking to support traditional models and theories we offer a totally new approach to individual and team development having constructed a basis for offering insights into peoples’ varied, and often biased, thinking.

By understanding the concept of heuristics* as a driver of decisions, we are able to adapt our management, leadership and motivation skills for maximum impact.

Using our unique but simple framework based in neuroscience we will train your employees how to:

  • Build trust and relationships.

  • Improve employee engagement so increasing performance and outputs.

  • Embed positive behavioural change throughout your organisation.

This will have the added impact of reducing the potential for conflict and confusion.

Build that relationship.  ‘People are 6x more likely to make a deal with someone they like’ How will you release the oxytocin (relationship/trust neurotransmitter) in your counterpart?

Watch others closely to discover their real needs - what really drives and motivates your client/manager?  How can you lock into that?

Start your meeting with shared vision.  This stimulates the Pre Frontal Cortex (trust centre in the brain), invokes empathy and says ‘let’s work together’

Release that oxytocin and limit the cortisol flow.  Oxytocin lasts in our system for hours – cortisol for days.  Are you aware of how you may be raising cortisol levels in the other party? 

How carefully do you communicate?  Upsetting someone unintentionally engages the dACC (Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex), this is the same neural pathway through which physical pain is relayed, so we really do feel that insult as a physical blow.


Join us on our gender specific courses.

How does this impact you personally? Organisationally?  By learning how our fundamental gender differences can improve your negotiation capabilities you will gain more confidence, have greater personal impact and maximise your outcomes.  Using up to the minute neuroscience research we will show you how to maximise your individual and collective negotiation potential, either in gender specific or mixed gender teams

‘99% of male and female genetic coding is exactly the same, however, that 1% difference influences pain, pleasure, perception, thoughts, feelings and emotions’

We’re here for the 1%.  Our open courses and in-house programs are designed to help you really understand the behaviours driving our actions and those of others, and more crucially how to manage them.

"I’ve done Harvard and Getting to Yes… and this was better"

- Amanda Williams, Inst. Engineering and Technology.


Such a crucial skill. In an increasingly diverse workplace the potential for miscommunication and misunderstanding is greater than ever.

How well do your employees communicate? 

How does your organisation interact with Millennials so used to communicating via technology for example? 
Are those Millennials and Baby Boomers/Generation X groups really saying the same thing?  Research shows that 95% of the workforce admits to having used technology to communicate rather than engage verbally or face to face.

How culturally aware and sensitive is your organisation? 
Our unique culturally neutral model will give you the foundation for any sensitive communication you may need to undertake.

What is the gender make up of your organisation? 
Does everyone have a voice when and where they should?

Are your Introverts (the group who very often have a very powerful message to share, but lack the confidence and ‘voice’ to convey it) comfortable with communicating at all times?

Click here to see our excitingly wild team building corporate days

Click here to see our excitingly wild team building corporate days

We will give you a greater understanding of the impact of your words and behaviours on others, both consciously and subconsciously.

At ICD we have the tools and techniques to enable you to embed a new culture within your organisation...
... A culture that will be able to move toward your vision together.

Start that conversation with us now.


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“Lots of new content I’ve never seen before – excellent”

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“Great session – certainly made me stop and think”

“Extremely valuable and instantly relatable to my workplace”

“Really enjoyable & engaging – loved it” - CB Second Home

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