I am a freelance coach and trainer specifically focused on the critical area of middle and senior management. Using a deeper understanding of the significance of conversation in relationship building enables me to bring about increased performance of key stakeholders by developing and creating awareness of the importance of human interaction.

Over twenty years in Training and Development have centred around understanding and developing others. From coaching key stakeholders to creating Competency Frameworks based on companywide Training Needs Analysis, my aim has always been to unlock potential through careful conversations, so introducing the concept of a coaching mindset. Never underestimating the power of conversation to build relationships and engagement has featured highly in all of my coaching and training objectives.

Having worked in both the public and private (both large and small) sector I am familiar with the unique nature of each.

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My focus on people development, and more specifically the communication driving it, originated from experience of direct line management combined with an interest in human behaviours (psychology and neuroscience), and a natural ability to coach others to ‘finding the answer’. This is supported by Diploma in Management Studies (CMI), Diploma in Coaching (EMCC accredited) and Diploma in Negotiation and Influencing skills and ongoing relevant research and learning.