Every interaction causes a reaction, both chemical and emotional.

Taking account of any diversity in an interaction rather than assuming ‘one approach fits all’ is key to achieving effective negotiation communication and outcomes.

Using the latest neuroscience research we will help you understand the neurochemistry behind behaviours – both yours and others - so enabling you to build stronger relationships, greater trust and successful outcomes.

If you would like to be more:

  • Confident
  • Credible
  • Authentic

in your negotiations join us on an open course or an in-house program.  Contact us now to enquire about dates.

Recognising the importance of inclusion and diversity for more cohesive teams we also offer gender integrated workshops alongside our women only programs, to enable a greater understanding of our perceived differences and how we can work together for even more successful outcomes.

Make your differences work for you

Some of our other courses include:

  • Communication Why? Who? What? How? Which? An easy to use framework to change your outcomes

  • How to Communicate when Team building inc. individual styles, team phases, motivational theories, Johari, problem solving, decision making, negotiation and influencing

  • How to Communicate in Management & leadership inc. the above management & leadership theories

  • Graduate training. Understanding others and how to communicate, from your Baby Boomers to Gen Z

However we aim to create a bespoke package based on our core concepts but tailored to your organisational needs. Pre course questionnaires will assist both facilitators and participants in creating a one of a kind learning experience.


Communicate with us now to discuss how we are able to help you and your organisation. 
For greater reinforcement we suggest our follow up coaching program.